Plymouth Land Surveying offers a broad range of services. If you would like to discuss your surveying needs, please contact us.

Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys are all conducted in accordance with state statute, including preparation of a drawing and report for our clients' files and for recordation when necessary. Where possible, all corners will be marked with a permanent monument (either found or placed), with wooden stakes placed nearby to help in their location. Additional stakes can be placed along the boundaries when requested.

Surveyor Location Report

A Surveyor Location Report is typically done for a lending institution to ensure the parcel has no significant encroachment issues. The house, driveway and out-buildings are typically located on a drawing. Boundaries are not physically established and the results are not to be used for establishing boundaries or fences.

Topographical Survey

A topography involves the location of natural and man-made features and the elevations of the surface of a particular parcel of land, which are then represented on the resulting drawing. This is typically requested prior to construction and may be used in the preparation of a site plan to indicate future plans for development, such as a subdivison.

Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate is typically prepared to determine if flood insurance is required for your home by the insurance company. The form reports various elevation information relative to a base flood elevation (BFE) as determined by FEMA or the DNR.


A subdivision is the division of a parcel of land into two or more tracts. Depending on the jurisdiction, this may require formal approval by a committee, commonly referred to as a plan commission. A subdivision generally of 4 or 5 lots or greater will require a topography and other details such as street and drainage plans.

ALTA Survey

An ALTA survey is generally prepared for title insurance purposes and must meet very detailed standards as set forth by the American Land Title Association. The survey involves the review of the title policy and generally requires the location of utilities, all improvements, adjacent streets and any easements.

Construction Staking

Construction staking involves the horizontal and vertical control necessary to place new improvements on a parcel of land and can include locating boundaries, staking proposed buildings, parking areas, retention basins, etc. It also determines specific on-site elevations.

Forest and Wildland Classification

Forest and wildland classifications generally do not require fieldwork, but are prepared through use of existing aerial photographs as specified by the State of Indiana. This program is designed to encourage the natural habitat and as a significant tax incentive.